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JD Howard Book Sale & Signing – Monte Cristo

JD Howard Book Sale & Signing – Monte Cristo

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June 28, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Important Update!  Our phone system is down.  Please call 425 422 5934 for Reservations. Congratulations on your new book “The Pride of Monte Cristo” JD Howard (Jim Cuthill). JD Howard will be in the house selling and signing his new book on June 28th at 6 PM.

In The Pride of Monte Cristo, JD Howard explores life in the remote mining camp of Monte Cristo in 1896 and details the story of a young artist who travels there to live with relatives and paint the breathtaking landscapes. But when a devastating flood washes away the town’s only link to the outside world and leaves them stranded, the community comes together to evacuate through the wilderness of Western Washington.

This accurate and precise historical novel, illustrated by Deborah Fox, follows a strongly imagined narrative and brings a unique view to the by-gone ways of pioneers, miners, and railroaders. JD Howard’s literary contribution makes him a noteworthy figure in Pacific Northwest story telling.

“Well told and deeply researched, this is a captivating story based on actual people and events from the isolated, spectacular mountain setting of the gold rush Monte Cristo in the 1890s. Highly recommended!” – David Cameron: Historian – Monte Cristo Preservation Association